People can find themselves in an accident faster than blinking while they are driving. You may be surprised how often drivers will do other activities or engage in distractions that hinder their ability to focus their attention to the other drivers and obstacles on the road, though many people do things they should obviously avoid while operating a vehicle. With this in mind, we at A Plus Towing would like to take the opportunity to share tips on increasing the safety while driving.

Driving & Texting

There is an alarming number of people who will still try texting as they drive, despite many states illegalizing cellphone use while driving. In the U.S., it was discovered that nearly 25% of all vehicle accidents are due to drivers texting and driving, and this was done 2019 despite the constant reminders to not text and drive. Drivers who text behind the wheel are 6 times more likely to be involved in a car accident than someone who drives while being drunk according to analysts. Either put it on silent and out of reach or turn it off until you get to your destination if the phone sounding off with texts are too much a temptation to ignore.

Marijuana Impaired Driving

Where it is legal for people to smoke marijuana in several states, too many are tempted to take a few puffs while they are driving. People can be arrested for marijuana DUI as driving under the influence is not limited to alcohol. Never smoke weed while driving and keep the habit safely and responsibly done in your home.

It is Illegal to Change Clothes in Your Car While Driving

Moving at any speed and changing clothes is nearly comically, as controlling the vehicle while doing such an activity is not only a distraction, but it hinders your abilities and reflexes. Pull over to avoid the distractions if you need a wardrobe change or adjustment in the vehicle.

Driving Fatigue Prevention

Just as hazardous as driving while texting, driving while being tired is something the majority of people are guilty of. Your reaction time is impeding when are tired, the reflexes and cognitive functions slow down. Either call for a ride or pull over for quick cat nap.

Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Though there are some unavoidable circumstances that can lead to an accident, you should do your part to reduce the risk. Should you find yourself in an accident however, you have A Plus Towing to provide you with our fast accident response. Our experts are readily available to deliver high-quality towing services. You want the trained and certified experts of A Plus Towing to recover your vehicle if such an unfortunate event occurs.

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